Marketing is a term which covers a lot of techniques, theories and ideas, but essentially it always comes back to simply increasing awareness, increasing customers and ultimately increasing sales.

We break down our approach into 5 simple steps

1. Research

The first marketing stage is research. This includes talking to you about how the business is currently performing,  where you want it to be and looking at the market as a whole. We take an overview of the existing website, social media and SEO. We look at your competitors and analyse how effective they are and what you could better than them in the marketplace and we look at who are  your ideal customers

2. Plan

After the initial research and agreeing on business goals,  we sit down and think about effective ways to reach your ideal customers and to increase your retention of existing customers within your budget. The plan could include a multitude of actions and campaign ideas, such as google adwords, a facebook campaign, an information video to share on social media, photography of your products for sharing, special offers and much more. The ideal plan for your business will be unique to your goals.

3. Create

This is the creative part where videos are made, photographs are taken, infographics are drawn and all the content is created ready for putting the marketing plan into action.

4. Action

Time for all the planning and content creation to be unleashed on the world!  Social media updates, youtube channels, instagram, pintrest. Whatever the plan included it is in this step that all the action happens, time to get sharing and talking to potential and existing customers.

5. Analytics

Once the plan is in motion and content is being marketed and shared, its time to analyse the performance of the campaign and actions. Tweaks can be made or directions changed if the analysis highlights certain trends or feedback. This step is essential to marketing as the more data a company can gather, the more effective it will be over time.