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Marketing is a term that essentially means knowing what you offer and getting your message out into the world where it can make an impact. The idea is to engage current and potential customers where they are, with the aim of increasing awareness, sales and ultimately your bottom line.

We call our approach The 5 Simple Steps

1. Research – where you are now and where you want to go


We’ll talk with you about your business and goals and then research your markets. We look at your existing methods and means for communication – website, social media, search engine optimisation, etc – your competitors and how you can effectively reach your ideal customers.

2. Plan – how you’re going to get to where your customers are


We’ll look at the tools, resoures and time necessary and discuss the most effective ways to reach your customers within your budget. The plan could include a number of possibilties, including google adwords, facebook campaigns, informational videos to share on social media, photography and much more.

3. Create – the fun part


This is when we get our hands dirty making videos, taking photos, desigining websites, drawing infographics and writing content to implement your marketing plan.

4. Action – just do it!


We hit send, upload, click, publish and post in order to commmunicate your story to your existing and potential customers.

5. Analyse – time for reflection


Once the plan is in motion and the content is live, it’s time to look at the data and analyse how the campaign is performing. This step is essential, because the more data a company can gather, the more effective it will be over time.

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